Spelling race

May 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve just tried a new spelling activity with my 7-8 year old students, and it worked really well. They usually don’t like spelling activities much but this time they got really into it.

I’ve been teaching them the months of the years, drilling, matching, the usual lot and then I put the words on a table, and divided the kids into two groups. I showed them the letters of the alphabet which I had put up all around the room in random order. Then I demonstrated the activity, choosing ‘March’ and running myself from letter to letter in the right order to spell the word. From each group one child was then racing against  a child from the other group. If they got stuck, they could to go back to the table to have a look at the word. The other children were allowed to help, shouting out the letters, but not pointing at them. If they gave too much help, the group didn’t get the point.

It’s an activity I’ll definitely use again and I can see using it with my teens or adult classes as well.



§ 2 Responses to Spelling race

  • This is a nice activity – it would make a good warmer in a subsequent lesson after a lexical set has been taught. It’s great for reinforcing patterns too (like all the months with ’ember’ in) as the learners run to the same letters.

    I wonder … were there any accidents?!

    Thanks for sharing this. I love kinaesthetic spelling activities.

    Author of Teaching Spelling to English Language Learners

  • aigel says:

    No, no accidents! That’s why there were only two students racing at the same time …and I have quite a big room for that group which I usually try to set up quite careful to avoid accidents.

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