Getting-to-know-you Memory

June 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Even though summer school won’t start for me before August, I’ve already started to think about it. Actually I know how time flies by and suddenly you are there and still haven’t planned because there were so many other things to do (… and I know there will be!).

So, this is my first new idea for this year as I would like to try out a few new things which I then might use in my standard classes as well. Until now I’ve been using the same activities for getting to know over the past few years.

One which worked quite well was ‘3 things about me’. I usually start it off with an example. I tell them 3 things about me, 2 are true and 1 is a lie. (Example: 1. I have tried skydiving. 2. I have got one brother and one sister. 3. I would like to have a pet rat. Any guesses what the lie is?)  Through asking questions they have to find out which of them is the lie. The thing is that you have to come up with a convincing story for the lie. Either after a certain amount of questions or a specified time they have to guess which the lie is. Then they do the same activity in pairs. Don’t forget to allow them time to come up with the stories. After they have worked in pairs they feed back to the rest of the class. I like the activity as it allows me to see how good their speaking skills are and I found that they usually enjoy it.

This years activity will be a ‘Memory Game’. On one card they draw a picture of themselves and write their names. On the other card they write some information about themselves. This is what it could look like:

Getting-to-know-you memory

Then you play the classic game of memory or pelmanism and they have to guess if the cards match.  You can follow this up with some more questions to find out more about each other, either in pairs, small groups or whole class depending on the size of your group. The next day play the game again, and see how much they remember about each other. After that you can put the cards on the wall of your classroom or create a classroom poster with them. Curious if it will work the way I hope for. If you try it out before me, leave me a comment how it worked.


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