A different type of a memory game

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just another game to revise vocabulary, it’s similar to the classic memory game but with a twist.

First of all you need 5 yogurt cups. Colour them in different colours (e.g. one in green, red, yellow, blue and pink). Then choose the vocabulary you want to revise, glue or draw pictures of the words on round cards which are slightly smaller than the yogurt cups (with about 15 to 20 cards it works quite well, not more!). They need to fit under them, so that the  children can’t see them. Next you’ll need a dice which has the same colours on it as the cups have. Either you buy one and colour the cups accordingly or you make your own one. You can find a template here http://www.sparklebox.co.uk/thumbs221-225/sb223prev.html On one sight of the dice you draw a smiley, or there is already a colour which isn’t used. That’s all you need to prepare.

How to play: Go once through all the words so that they remember them, then cover 5 cards with the cups. Make sure that all have seen what’s under the cups. Then the first player throws the dice. He/she says what is hidden under the cup with the same colour. If he/she throws the smiley he/she can choose any of the cups. If the answer is correct, the child keeps the picture and puts the cup over a different card. If he/she doesn’t remember or makes a mistake, the cup remains over the card where it was. By the way, this is a great game for the teacher to join in as well, as it is quite difficult to always remember which card is where, and the kids love to beat the teacher.


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