A quick word game

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

L and Z could be: lazy zebra

This is a game I’ve adapted from a game I bought at a flea market in Germany (flea markets, how I miss them here!). The original idea is to make compound nouns. If you have ever studied German, you’ll have seen how the Germans love to combine words to make new ones.

Anyway,  you need the letters of the alphabet on two different sets of cards, for example a set of red and a set of blue cards. From each set you draw one card and then have to make an adjective – noun combination. In my case the red cards are used for the adjectives and the blue ones for the nouns. You can/should exclude some letters like ‘Q’ and ‘X’, as it would be far too difficult. This game can be played in individual classes or in bigger classes. If you have a quite big class, put the students into small groups. Have one set of cards on a separate table and let one student from each group come to the table. Then one of them (or you) turns over two of the letter cards (one red and one blue). They then race back to their groups and try to write as many adjective – noun combinations as they can in one minute. If they are a lower level group you can also play it the way, that they only have to write one combination and the group which is fastest gets a point. You then either take the cards out or just turn them over again.

What I like about the game is that it works for YL and adults; it’s simple to set up and can be used as a warmer, as a revision game or just to fill the last five minutes. You can also give it to the fast finishers to keep them busy while the other students finish their  task.


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