My favourite storybooks part 3

June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

‘Clown’ by Quentin Blake is a book  I came across several years ago. It’s a book without text which tells the story of a clown who is dumped in the rubbish, and his search for a new home for himself and the other toys, in fantastic pictures. What I really like about the book is, that children can invent the background to the characters, e.g. Where does the clown come from? Why do you think he was thrown away? Do you think the child who he belonged to is happy about it?

It’s also great for children who lack the courage to come up in class with own ideas, as they can just retell the story using the pictures as a guideline. So even these children can have their star moment. Also describing the pictures and guessing what will happen next are possible ideas.

Another topic this books might start off is talking about feelings. There are plenty situations/pictures where different feelings are depicted. Often it is difficult for children to talk openly about their feelings (especially when they get to the pre-teens age), so here they have a medium to speak about different feelings they might have in different situations. As they can hide behind the different characters of the book, it might make it much easier for them to speak out.

And then there is the topic of a single mother, raising her children by herself, with her daughter having to look after her little brother etc. This can be a great initiator to talk about families and how different families can be, and what it actually means for children.

These are just some ideas I came up with, but here is another great idea from the authors official website


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