Be quick

June 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is a great activity you can use any time in your class. It gets your students speaking and is a great stirrer when you feel that the energy level gets low. Put your students into two groups. They take it in turns and compete against each other. Make a list of 20 to 30 topics. One group chooses a number and you read out the topic. Then they have to come up with as many ideas connected to their topic as possible in one minute. After that the other group gets its chance with a new topic. The tricky part is that each student in each group has to say something. If one of them can’t come up with an idea wait for 5 seconds till the next one in the group can say his/her idea, and they can’t repeat what someone else has already said. For each idea they get a point.

Example: Group 1 says no 12; you read out: ‘What can you do to make you look better?’ The first student in group 1 starts with an idea e.g.’ put on make up’, then the second students says ‘wear a nice dress’, the third student says ‘pull a bag over your head’ etc.

Here some topics:

1. What you can do when you want to meet new friends.

2. Where you should go on holiday not to meet your teacher.

3. What didn’t exist 200 years ago.

4. What you can do not to write the next exam/test.

5. What gets on your nervs when watching TV.

6. What you can say when you haven’t done your homework.

7. What you wouldn’t eat again in your life.

8. Things you could collect.

9. The worst thing about boys/girls.

10. What you can find in a bag.

11. What you’re looking forward to in winter.

12. What can you do to make you look better.

13. What you shouldn’t do during meal times.

14. The best ways how to annoy your teacher.

15. How you can make people laugh.

After you have played it with your students for the first time they can actually come up with more ideas for questions/topics for the next time you want to play the game.


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