Vocab Revision

September 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

It has taken me quite a lot of time, but finally I’ve found a moment to add a few new activities. These are 3 activities I came across when training for drama teaching, but work fantastic with my English students (children and adults alike) when revising vocabulary. So here it goes:

‘What are you doing?’

All students stand in a circle, two students go in the middle, one miming an activity (e.g. washing his/her hair), the other asks ‘What are you doing?’  The answer should then be a new activity e.g. mowing the lawn. The student who asked the question has then to do this activity. If someone can’t think quickly enough of another activity, a new student goes into the circle and takes over. Or they can take it in turns without the competitive element.

‘God, are you stupid’

Students imagine that they haven’t seen things like a spoon, a camera, a teabag or anything similar, in their life, so they have to find out what these things are for. In pairs one student either gets a card with an image or word. He/she then has to tell his/her partner about it starting: ‘Look at my new camera.’ The other student replies: e.g. Camera? What’s a camera? What are you doing with it?  Which means they need to get an explanation form their partner: ‘I take pictures.’ Then the next question: Pictures, what are pictures? Pictures are …. etc. You either stop the activity after some time or challenge them to see who can keep the conversation going the longest.

‘Angels and Devils’

Divide the students into two groups. One group has to write down as many vegetables as possible, the other fruits. The vegetable group are the devils and they can only talk in vegetables while the fruit group are the angels who can only speak fruit. Get the students to stand in lines in their groups facing the other group, so that each devil and angel has got a partner from the other group in front of him/her. They then have to try to persuade their opposite to become an angel or a devil. They should talk them into it with only using fruit and vegetables to communicate with each other. If a devil uses any fruit he automatically becomes an angel and vice versa. It’s a quite noisy, but fun game and can be used with different lexical groups.


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