The third lesson

October 3, 2011 § 3 Comments

Giant Spanish Donkey

This is another post about teaching my pre-teens class. I’m not writing about every single lesson but will pick just some highlights and also things I’ve tried for the first time. In this lesson I included ‘Find 10’ from David Riley’s ‘Triptico’ for the first time in my lesson.

The topic was comparatives and superlatives, and I wanted to have a challenging and also engaging practice activity for my students. As I know my kids quite well by now, I knew that they like facts about animals so I decided to challenge them with 1o true and 5 false facts about animals. I started off with asking them which animals are their favourites to get a lead in. They were quite talkative and some of them added why they liked their animal most.

After that I needed to pre-teach and elicit some of the animals I used in the challenge. In this part they were actually allowed to give the Czech word, as I needed to make sure they all knew the animals. It was interesting to see how many they knew. Then I put them into two teams (there were only 6 kids – 3 boys and 3 girls), let them each get a piece of paper and a pen. I demonstrated the activity on the board, drawing the squares on the board and showing an example sentence. I didn’t want to show them the game itself at that moment, so the board was the best solution.

And this is what the challenge looked like:

Find 10 animal facts

Then they started a running dictation, running up to the computer choosing one sentence, dictating and writing down the sentence in the correct form etc. When they had all finished, we checked if the sentences were correct and each team got a point for each correct answer.

I gave them another 3 min after that to decide in their teams which of the 15 facts were false. They really loved this part, and when we came to the end of the challenge where they were allowed to check their answers, we had a heated discussion going on.

Overall the activity worked very well, they were enthusiastic, they enjoyed the competitive element and they learned even some new and interesting facts about animals while practicing comparatives and superlatives. I’ll definitely will use this and some of the other resources from ‘Triptico’ again.

By the way, can you guess what the 5 lies are?


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