My name’s Anette Igel and I’m a freelance teacher and teacher trainer who never wanted to be a fulltime teacher. The initial idea was to earn some money while travelling. So I stopped travelling, took my TESOL in Prague, Czech Republic, moved down to Brno, the second biggest city of the Czech Republic and never left… so much about travelling around the world…
I started off as a contract teacher at IH Brno, where I’m still teaching, but after two years decided to become a freelancer. Now I’m working for different schools in Brno and Prague and enjoy the freedom (more or less) to choose and pick what to teach.
Besides the initial TESOL I also took the IH BET (Business English Teaching) and IH CYL (Certificate in teaching Young Learners). My main focus is teaching YL although I teach the odd adult classes and in company courses just for the balance.
When I do have free time (what’s that?) I try to spend as much of it as possible with my lovely 4 year old daughter.


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  • CoffeeAddict says:


    I just happened by your blog today and am still exploring it. I like what I’ve seen so far! Sounds wonderful to be “free” like you describe and also to be living in Prague. I hope one day to see that famously beautiful city. I actually had tickets to visit once but ended up cancelling because I got pregnant with my first child, my son Daniel. Anyway, wanted to say hi! I’m going to check out what you have on drama now (I see that’s one of your tags) as I am especially interested in that right now. I teach teenagers in İzmir, Turkey.


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